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Siding Repairs – Siding Repair Company near Knoxville TN

As a full-service home renovation company, TrussUs Roofing & Exteriors happily installs cedar shake siding in Knoxville TN, and surrounding areas like Maryville TN, Oak Ridge TN, Powell TN, and Louden TN. We offer services like cedar shake siding replacement, cedar shake siding repair, siding replacement, and more.

Siding is one of the most critical parts of a home. It protects your house from the elements and gives it a beautiful appearance. The right siding can make a massive difference in how your home looks and feels. But what happens if something goes wrong with your siding? What if you notice damage on your siding after a storm or during squirrel season? If this happens, don't worry! A licensed siding repair company can help you review your options to fix any issues with your home's exterior walls.

Types of Siding Repairs

There are several types of siding repairs. Your siding contractor will be able to determine the type of repair needed based on the symptoms you describe. Here are some common types:

  • Damaged Vinyl Siding Repair
  • Leaking Cedar Shakes Repair
  • Siding Storm or Wind Damage

Vinyl siding repair is one of the most common types of siding repairs because vinyl is a material that can become damaged in many ways. This damage can range from minor scratches or dents to large holes or deep scratches that go through the material (usually caused by a tree branch). You'll need to have your siding contractor check out this damage before deciding what kind of repair is required here; if there's no visible damage, then it may just be surface dirt buildup which can easily be cleaned off with water and soap!

Siding Damaged in a Storm

Suppose a storm has damaged your siding; getting your home repaired as soon as possible is essential. Siding that is damaged by storms and left unattended can worsen over time, and the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to fix. Depending on your siding type, it may take several weeks for your contractor to repair storm damage.
To prevent this problem from happening again, hire a reputable siding installer with experience performing the required repairs.

Holes In Vinyl Siding From Squirrels

Squirrels (and other rodents) can cause problems for your siding, and the animals' presence in your crawl space is a sign of other issues with your home. While squirrels may seem cute, they're destructive pests that chew through vinyl siding to make their way into your house. Other animals can chew through vinyl siding, including raccoons, rats, and mice. Once inside, the animal will make a mess of things by urinating and defecating all over the place. Rodents also chew on electrical wires, leading to fires in your home if not attended to quickly enough!

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Damaged Siding From Bird Nests

When birds nest in your home, they can cause a lot of damage to the siding. It's common for bird nests to be built on homes, and then the eggs will hatch, and young birds will start pecking at the siding. Animal entry can create unsightly small holes in your siding and even allow water to enter your home.
If there are cracks or gaps between boards where birds have been entering through them before getting inside, then you will need some epoxy putty, so they don't become more extensive over time once it dries out again after being exposed.

Leaking Seams In Cedar Shake Siding

Leaking seams in cedar shake siding are a common problem, and they're often an easy fix. Seams are the weakest point on your home's exterior, so they're prone to rotting when water gets in. To prevent this from happening, you should caulk all of your windows and doors every 3-5 years. If you have a leaky seam in your cedar shake siding that has yet to be previously caulked, it's vital to repair it right away before rust or rot can set in!

Rotted Wood

Rotted wood on siding can occur either because of moisture or mold, which will cause the wood to be soft and spongy. Mold is a fungus that breaks down the cellulose in your home's wooden siding. The best way to determine if your siding needs replacing is to feel it with your hands. If you can easily push your finger into the surface of the wood, then it may need repairs. If not, you don't need any repairs done now; however, we recommend keeping an eye on those areas, so they don't become rotten later on!

If you're looking for a siding repair company near Knoxville TN, contact us today! With decades of experience in home improvement and repair, we can help with any of your needs, from small jobs like replacing rotten wood on the siding to major renovations such as adding an addition to your home. We're happy to help!


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