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Tile Roofing In Knoxville Tennessee

TrussUs Roofing & Exteriors offers tile roofing services like tile roof replacement, tile roofing systems, tile roof repairs, and more. TrussUs hires only the best roofers for your homes safety in areas like Knoxville TN, Louisville TN, and Louden TN

A Tile roof may be what you're looking for if you want to add value and beauty to your home. Tile roofs are beautiful, but they also have some other essential benefits. Not only will a new tile roof increase the value of your home, but it's also fire-resistant and wind resistant! This page will cover why installing a tile roof is an excellent idea for your home.

Tile Roofing - Add beauty to your Knoxville home

Tile roofs are beautiful and durable, adding value and beauty to your home. A licensed roofer can install a tile roofing system on any home in any climate.
Tile roofs are made from clay or concrete and have been used by people for thousands of years; the Romans had a city of over 1 million people with tile roofs over 2,000 years ago! Tile roofs are fireproof, waterproof, and resistant to rot, mold, and mildew. They also offer excellent insulation against heat transfer during summer and cold air infiltration during winter months. Tile roofing systems can reduce energy costs by 50% when installed by a licensed roofer.

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5 Facts About Tile Roofs

  • Tile roofs have high fire resistance.
  • Tile roofs are not fireproof.
  • Tile roofs are not fire retardant.
  • Tile roofs are not resistant due to the type of tile or clay used in their construction; they are resistant due to how roofing companies install them.


Tile Roofs are Wind Resistant

Tile roofs are more wind resistant than shingles, and tile roofs are more wind-resistant than other roof types. Using a tile roof is an excellent choice for those who live in hurricane-prone areas or want to ensure their home is secure from high winds.
Tile roofs are more expensive than other roofs, but they can last for decades if properly maintained. The tiles come in various colors and styles, allowing you to choose one that matches your home's style or theme.

Tile roofs look fabulous and last a long time

Tile roofs are beautiful and durable, and they last a long time. They're made from concrete, clay, or other materials that can withstand the heavy pounding of rain, hail, and snow.
For example, a tile roof is like your grandma's bathroom floor. But no! Tile roofs look fantastic when installed correctly—and even better once they're covered in mosses, lichens, and other things that make them blend into their environment (as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb).

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If you're looking for a new roof, we would love to help. At the TrussUs Roofing Company, we aim to provide quality service at competitive prices. We have years of experience in the roofing industry and will work with you to ensure that your roof looks great and lasts a long time! Need an estimate for a tile roof? Contact us.


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